Nissan Titan – best truck

Conversations about full size pickup trucks usually start with Ford and Chevy migrate to Dodge and Toyota and rarely include the new. People forget that Nissan makes a full size truck but they do and it’s a good one. Fact they set up 300 horsepower benchmark when they launched the type. Today the tightness still fighting for market share among the shrinking segment in the industry. Let’s face it pickup trucks are heavy gas guzzling vehicles that rarely get used to their potential by consumers who own them the Nissan Titan is available in 2 body styles crew cab and king cab. There are multiple trim levels the most popular are the base XP sporty SP and luxurious alley. 2 wheel drive is standard and 4 wheel drive is optional.

Nissan TitanAll models are powered by capable improvement 5.6 liter V8 that produces 317 horsepower and this made it to a 5 speed automatic trans. The Titan is as capable and reliable as any of the trucks in the segment. Styling is rather bold and sends a strong message of this truck is all about its abilities to tow all and perform. The Titans interior is on par with its competitors and provides a much better than average cabin for any commercial application. The sound really focused on the ride quality which is comfortable and doesn’t thrash it’s off. New Nissan Titan anzo headlights
and led tail lights. A typical 2 year old Titan as ski with 30000 miles and 2 wheel drive will sell for around $18000 while a more well equipped LE would 4 wheel drive will easily fetch a price of $23000.

Bottom line is that you’re getting a solid pick up truck and benefiting from it anonymity and the truck world we rate of the Titan AE be for interior quality a minus for exterior quality be plus for electronics and technology a minus for cost of ownership be plus warranty and support for an overall rating of a minus.