A new speed record on a motorcycle has been set

motorcycleA thousand hp motorcycle of the Triumph Company (more like a race car) with a streamlined shape broke its own speed record. A streamliner under the control of the British motorcycle racer guy Martin was able to be dispersed in the salt lake Bonneville in the United States to 441,280 kilometers per hour.

The monocoque of the model of Triumph Rocket Infor Streamliner is made of carbon fiber and kevlar as Ford Escape hid lights. The motorcycle is equipped with two turbo engines, which together give 1000 hp.

The previous record of “Triumph” belonged to the American Bob Leppan, which in 1966 was able to accelerate on the model of the Gyronaut X-1 to 395,363 kilometers per hour. The motorcycle of the Triumph Company with a “streamliner” of monocoque-type held the title of the fastest motorcycle in the world from 1955 to 1970.

Since 2010, the title of the fastest of streamliners in the world has belonged to the Ack Attack machine, which was running under the control of Rocky Robinson in the lake of Bonnevil to 605,7 kilometers per hour.