Headlight Bulb Replacement Honda Odyssey 2004

Hello to all you driving around with the headlight out thing gonna show you how to replace your headlight bulb in a 2004 Honda Odyssey. This does work for other models to see the description below. Okay first initial you where the headlight bulb is here. We go behind here. You can see got a little encasing here first thing you’re gonna do. It’s unplugged less. Nick comes right off. And you can already see the prongs. Of your head but right there that we have to get to. Next you gonna pull this casing off.

2004 Honda Odyssey headlight bulbAnd it comes off the worry about your not gonna break it. Comes right off. Set that up there. Next you’re going to see some problems inside here. Clip that’s holding it on. If this clip off. Are you going to do is press down. Bonus clip. No come off. It’s gonna release. The bold right there. Then it just slides right out. And one thing you want to make sure we’re replacing a 2004 Honda Odyssey headlight bulb is to never touch the glass. So you have a new package open it holder from the back. Slide it right back again. And that will fit right in there. It’s like that is a bettering will the clip you can see it. Presses right back into a slot in there. On and off. I On Next you gonna put your casing back on. Went back up. Simply push it back and.

Take your plug. Plug it back again. Sure everything secure. And that is how you replace your Honda Odyssey headlight bulb On a Honda Odyssey. It’s basically the same thing on your driver’s side. It’s just a little bit more difficult to get to. Holding a camera that’s not really possible. You can see it’s the same thing. Plug comes off right here. And in the case saying same thing. But thanks for watching you have any questions just leave him below and good luck getting your headlight. Back in working order.