Chevy Cruze Diesel over a VW TDI?

So I have a question would you guys be interested in a diesel Chevy Cruze. I think you would because what I have here is a Chevy Cruze. It’s not the diesel just let you know it is a 1.4. And it is the premier but when they dropped it off at my house yesterday I thought now gone it’s a cruise hearing go. But I drew it for the day. And quite impressed. Now GM dropped this car off yesterday for my other you tube channel which is called new car spin. So if you haven’t seen it go check it out because that’s why driving review other cars basically non diesel cars. And this one in particular is for new car spin and I will be posting there review sometime next week I’m still driving it but when I put the video together it will be on new car spin. But in the meantime I figure I’d show you this video right now because I wanna know what your thoughts are given the whole. Other message going on with Volkswagen would you consider one of these check out the interior.

That obviously has leather. Dish interior but the design. Pretty swanky. I have heated seats in the front and the rear I have fully automated clinic control I have GPS return on. It has been a lot of fuel economy stats in there for you and Pandora connectivity. It’s pretty much. Loaded with lots of things. Let me go there. I’m not going to show you now because I want to know where I live. But if you look at the interior it’s not bad. Now we know that VW has gone towards more Americanized cars. But this car here is actually from Europe. Phone think it’s the whole family. So what you have is a. Polar shift VW going more American and GM going more European. So if you’re gonna just totally dismiss the cruise because of the GM. More info Chevy Cruze headlights read at

I think you should do your homework first. But obviously I’m not gonna rush anybody into anything because I haven’t driven the diesel yet to actually give you an adequate. One last thing I forgot to mention is I clearly can see. The glow plug light. So we know that this car is obviously using an instrument cluster. That is kind of like off the shelf. But basically. It’s ready so I don’t doubt that Chevy is actually really serious about bringing a cruise diesel here. It’s not just talkin. Gauging activity. I think it’s gonna be real thing but let me know what your thoughts are would you. Go from VW TDI issue a diesel GM.